Ground Penetrating Radar with advanced 2D and 3D data analysis

OKM's Gepard GPR is a flexible ground penetrating radar that visualizes underground objects in 2D and 3D graphics right on your Android Tablet PC.

See your hidden structures and items in several color schemas in graphical 2D/3D representations.

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Android Tablet PC with 3D software application

Portable Ground Penetrating Radar for a variety of field applications

The Gepard GPR is a multifunctional, portable and easy-to-use ground penetrating radar for professional as well as semi-professional users in the field of industry, archaeology and treasure hunting.

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Features of Gepard GPR

Adaptable Ground Penetrating Radar with a powerful unshielded transmitting system

Gepard GPR utilizes an unshielded transmitting system to be as portable as possible. OKM introduces the usage of triangular antennas to improve the performance of it's ground penetrating radar.

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Ground penetrating radar - Gepard GPR